Wednesday, January 12, 2011

QR Codes...The Beginning

So I have been excited about QR codes for quite awhile now. I have wanted to start integrating them into our Media Center, but everytime I sat down to start making plans I found it to be too overwhelming. There are just so many great ways to use these, so today I took a new approach. I decided to just start with one idea and to keep building.

First, I want to say I created a survey (Google Docs, of course) on Monday that inquires about student knowledge of QR codes and whether or not they have the devices to access them. I have already had 3 responses and we have not even had school this week. Good to know some of them are visiting the school webpage.

Today, I created a QR code that reveals text.


I made bookmarks with this QR code. I did not reveal that it was a QR code on the bookmark but encouraged discovery instead. I did hint that an app was required. The code reveals a message and directions for a contest. I am going to draw a prize winner from all those who successfully complete the task. I even distributed the bookmarks to staff members. There will be a separate prize for the staff drawing. I haven't decided what it will be, but I am thinking about purchasing Comic Life (love that program).

Now, step 2......


  1. Now this is an idea worth stealing! (With permission, of course!) Great job! Can't wait to hear how your journey progresses!

  2. Great ideas start with one little step.... this looks like a fun one!

  3. librarygirl, feel free to steal. I will keep you posted on the journey.

    Ms. Brannock, I think all my ideas are going to have to be one step. I have found that otherwise I spend too much time just moving papers around on my desk.