Sunday, January 23, 2011

QR Code Update

Well, my QR bookmark contest is in full swing and boy, has it been entertaining. I started with teachers, because I did work on this project during a snow workday. I placed it in their boxes and the result has been interesting. I have seen some in the trash, while others have attempted to solve it by examining the picture like one of those Magic Eye pictures we all used to be obsessed with. Every time I see that I have to giggle to myself. Good luck with that... Only three of our teachers have turned in a response. The first was a first year teacher who was able to determine the answer after using a Google Image search. Another teacher (Go Angie!) sent me this:

Yes, that is the secret phrase in a QR code. Awesome!

Students have also started getting in on the game. I have had about 10 responses so far. None of them knew what a QR code was initially, and all tried different tactics to determine the answer. It has been interesting to hear their search strategies. The contest ends Feb. 11. Let's hope it continues to be as fruitful.

I also decided to write a grant for NCTIES using QR codes. I have spent a couple of days working on all the ins and outs. I am hopeful that it will end positively. Although, I do not feel like my grant writing skills are the strongest, I feel fairly confident in this one thus far. Here's hoping....

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