Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starting Over

Last year when I returned from AASL in Charlotte I was determined to become a blogger. I think I had five posts for the entire year--not a stellar start. My former blog, "Captive Audience", has now been retired, and I am starting over. Why was my last blog a flop? Well, for one thing I believe I was not comfortable promoting my work. I by no means think that I can write a blog that even compares to many of those blogs that I currently follow, but you (and I really mean me) have to start somewhere.

After a lot of thought "the candid librarian" was born. Figuratively, of course. There are so many great nicknames out there--the unquiet librarian, the daring librarian, and library girl (just to name a few). I spent a great deal of time soul-searching in order to find the name that described me. I don't know that the candid librarian can compare to the aforementioned library gurus, but I knew to convince myself that I was a blogger I had to define myself.

One thing about me that most everyone would agree with is that I am very straightforward with the occasional dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. It is in many ways my coping mechanism, especially when I feel overwhelmed. It is also the way I deal with humor. For some I am sure this is confusing, but I hope that I find a balance.

So here is my first blog post. Not a great read as it is more about my journey to get here, but I hope it is the first of many posts. I am now going to promote a blog for the first time ever. I will be starting small by sharing with my Twitter followers. Yes, there are only five, but that is a big step for me. Here's to future posts, hope someone is reading.

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