Monday, December 31, 2012

The Truth About Change

Change is often something to be embraced or dreaded, and it seems that people are often either for or against it. Two months ago, I would have claimed to have embraced change. In my former life as a middle school librarian, I loved change. I was always looking for ways to change or improve the media center and the services we provided to the school community. However, leaving my school and my four walls taught me what my husband already knew, I am not that comfortable with change. As I reflect on where I was then and where I am now, I have begun to see change a little differently. It is almost like there is a spectrum of change.  There is change, and then there is CHANGE!

For me, change within my comfort zone is easy. I enjoy it, it challenges me, and I thrive on it. Then there is change outside of one's comfort zone. For me, that was taking a new job. Within the first week and a half, I was in tears and wondering if I had made the worse decision of my life. Let's be honest, this was the first major change of my professional career. I had worked as a classroom teacher at the same school where I became media coordinator. Yea, it was change, but it was safe. I was able to grow in this position and take on many leadership roles, but I could always come back to my home base. Suddenly, I had stepped into a world unknown, a position that held endless possibilities, and I had this unknown feeling. I lacked confidence. For those who know me, I am very confident in my workplace abilities or at least I was. What happened? Transitioning to this new position was somewhat isolating. My new job involves some travel, but in the early stages it is all about taking in information. All of this from my new office, also known as the cat's room. Yep, I now work from home. I went from days when I never thought I could get five minutes alone to days where I only interact with the furry babies. From the moment my husband would walk in the door in the afternoons he was bombarded. He finally had to tell me that he just needed a few minutes of quiet time. That was his way of politely telling me to shut up! 

What I finally learned is that change takes time. I am adapting to this new world. It took some pep talks from my new coworker and friend, Jennifer LaGarde, along with some well-timed professional development. Right about the time I had my total meltdown, we had two professional development days. What I learned in those two days was not nearly as important to me as the time spent with coworkers. They provided inspiration just when I needed it. Right after that, I also got to spend some time with former colleagues and friends. Those two things combined really helped me get refocused. Now after a holiday and a little reflection, I am ready to go. I am inspired, energized, and ready to take on the world. 

One of the things I have missed most is blogging and tweeting. There is definitely been a downward spiral in those two activities since I left my school library. I just wasn't sure I still had anything to share. This, of course, goes back to my lack of confidence. Now, that all changes. I am back, so watch out as I bring you more media and technology adventures! I may have left my four walls, but now I have so much more to share from the world around me. Wishing you the best in 2013! Go forth and create your own CHANGE!

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