Thursday, September 6, 2012

All About Apps

While this week was a short week, the days have been long. There have been after-school commitments every day this week and to be honest I wasn't too excited about another meeting today. However, I left school at 5:00 excited to see where we are headed, inspired by colleagues, and ready to seize the day (or app as the case may be).

Last spring my principal, Scott Rhodes, purchased ten iPads which were then distributed to teachers. These teachers are going to be the leaders in our school as we move forward with iPads for our entire staff. Along with Apple TV these iPads have the potential to really enhance classroom instruction. 

Today my principal scheduled an iPad collaboration. This was just an opportunity for this group of teachers to come together and share apps that they were using. The excitement in the air and the discussion that ensued made me so thankful to work at a place where technology is embraced. It is rare that you have staff development where attendees are hesitant to leave, and we actually had that happen today. 

Here were the apps that our staff members shared today.

  • zite
  • SlideShark
  • Teacher Kit
  • Edmodo
  • iMovie
  • Math Drills
  • Flashcards++
  • Flashcardlet
  • Quizlet
  • 123D Sculpt
  • Audio Books
  • Show Me
  • National Geographic World Atlas
What made it even better was the use of our Apple TV which allowed each iPad user to take over as he or she shared an app. It allowed everyone to see what the app really had to offer. 

As we talked today, I had an idea about the use of movies. So often we have students create movies based on the content they learn, but maybe we need to be creating movies to use with students in previewing activities. Almost like a pre-learning trailer. What a great way to get students excited about what is coming up in class. With something like the iMovie app it would be a breeze to put together a quick snippet to gain student interest. 

As apps continue to grow the possibilities are endless. Looking forward to what the apps may bring. 


  1. Navigating the thousands of apps available for education is daunting. I love the idea of having a lead group of teachers share the ones they have found most useful. Some of the apps I use daily are on your list. Two I would add to the above list are Evernote and Pocket. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very nice list of resources, great to have time to share with people in your own school.