Monday, August 13, 2012

It's All About Marketing

In the past, many of my presentations for my state conference have included a session where I provide a quick and dirty brief overview of some of the programming etc. that we are providing in the media center. Along with this presentation I also talk about how our schooling should provide a course in marketing. To me marketing is one of the easiest steps to begin advocating for your program. Promoting what you are doing is critical to gaining the support of your administration, teachers, students, and school district. 

With that being said, I have really begun to feel like a slogan might be just what the doctor librarian ordered. The idea really started with a mural that was started for the library. Working with the artist we came up with "An Eye on the Future". 

This is a picture of the start of the mural. The focus of the eye will reflect the change of the printed word. I am hoping that the mural gets completed soon. Unfortunately, we have had some difficulty getting it finished, but that is another story. 

In thinking about this concept of An Eye on the Future, I wanted to think of something to take it a step further. Why did this really matter? What I came up with was this:

The FRMS Media Center - Where we have an eye on the future so students can Dream*, Discover, and Design. I will be incorporating this into my emails, flyers, etc. Pretty much everything that is published by the library will include this slogan.

How are you marketing your library? 

*Special thanks to Jennifer Lagarde who helped me with the addition of Dream.

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  1. What a great slogan! I have been thinking a lot about branding my library lately, because I agree that we need to market outselves in memorable ways. For those on the outside looking in at our programs, their perception is their reality.